“Nothing in your outer world changes – but you will – and that changes everything!”

Changing the way people work – to be on-game, engaged and alive.

Practising mindfulness is a game changer. Learning how to focus your attention, is like doing a bicep curl for your brain. It calms you down, enables you to be more focused, productive and effective. Plus you’re able to distance yourself from old ‘thinking-feeling-behaviour’ patterns that no longer serve you, and to respond as your best self in the workplace (and at home).

According to research, we spend almost 50% of our time lost in thought. And the more our minds wander, the unhappier we become. The pressures of modern life (constant change, restructuring in the workplace, busyness, bombarded by technology 24/7) has taken our natural tendency for mind wandering and feeds it steroids. We’re seeing increasing rates of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout.

Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years as a method to counterbalance our monkey-mind, to increase feelings of happiness, connection and to reduce suffering. Businesses are now joining the dots, wooed by a plethora of research showing how mindfulness boosts workplace performance and resilience.

Learning to sustain your attention, helps you multitask less. And while that may sound counterproductive, you’ll get more done with fewer errors.

Less reactive people better manage uncertainty, change and complexity. They stress-less.

Being more mindful improves relationships by focusing on the importance of the intention behind communication (to hear rather than to be heard). Seeing we’re all on the same side – despite our differences – makes for more cohesive, engaged teams and better client relationships.

Leadership programmes consistently reference mindfulness as an essential skill for building trust, while living the core values of the service leader.

The modern workplace is an increasingly complex place. People are expected to do more with less, and to work smarter.

Businesses are going through constant change – so BAU is really a misnomer! Restructuring increases uncertainty (pressure and stress) and drops engagement.

Mindfulness is a practice which primarily helps regulate attention and emotional responses. It is known to:

  • Improves cognitive abilities – focus and concentration – making people more productive, efficient, less error prone and easily fatigued, more satisfied and engaged at work
  • More resilient and less reactive – shortens the time to bounce back; makes you calmest person in the room (and the calmest person is also often the most powerful)
  • Enhances creativity by reducing cognitive rigidity (negativity bias) – you need a relaxed open mind to be creative, flexible and solutions-focused
  • Builds your empathy – being kinder to yourself and others reduces conflict in the workplace, makes better team players, managers and leaders
  • Strengthens relationships – really listening, being curious and open to other’s opinions, rather than seeing everuthing through a critical and judgemental lens
  • Boosts self-awareness – being in tune with your own needs, you’re more use to everyone – colleagues (family, friends). When your values are breached, you’re more likely to act to resolve the situation (and have those difficult conversations) rather than avoiding issues of concern
  • Healthier and happier – less illness and absenteeism

See details below for specific programmes.

‘My Off Switch’ 8-week Mindfulness Group Programme

This programme is designed to appeal to the time-poor professional. By linking a few simple practices to your everyday routine, you can begin practicing mindfulness without needing to meditate for hours, or wear any weird clothes.


People complain of being too ‘busy’ and stretched by all the expectations demanded of them, but being busy is highly addictive. It becomes a habit – one that’s particularly hard to break. Learning how to switch off is essential for bringing out the best in you. But how do you do that? Simple. You just need to learn how.

‘My Off Switch’ commences with a half-day workshop covering:

  • Understanding the impact of staying constantly busy (increases mind wandering and unhappiness)
  • Exploring simple and effective mindfulness practices to counterbalance the pace of our modern work-life (focusing on ‘what’s in it for me’)
  • How mindfulness works from a neuro-scientific perspective (simplifying complex neuroscientific principles)
  • Debunking common myths about mindfulness and exploring the benefits
  • Devising a personal mindfulness strategy (to build and embed a new habit)
  • Creating a personal plan (deciding on a personal leadership quality to develop during the programme)

 Followed by 7 weeks (x 1.5 hours a week group sessions) delivered face-to-face, teleconference or via online technology.

Mindfulness cannot be learnt in a one day workshop. It takes practice.

Follow-up sessions support people to embed their mindfulness practice into daily rountines and to change workplace culture.

Topics include:

  1. Managing autopilot – Showing up at work and in your life
  2. Metacognition – Understanding the Power of Choice
  3. Getting Perspective – A different relationship with your thoughts and emotions
  4. Building Great Relationships – Seeing we’re all in this together
  5. Being Like Teflon – Responding versus reacting
  6. Solution Focused – Boosting creativity and innovation at work
  7. Staying Mindful – Future proofing your practice

Includes workbook, guided audios and App (currently iOS only).  Download brochure: My Off Switch 8 week programme 2. Contact Kerene to discuss your particular needs.

What people say about the programme:

We’ve had 70 people attend the My Off Switch programme at Z and feedback from the has been 95% positive. Kerene is passionate about making a difference and really contributing to the success of organisations and each individual’s wellbeing. Most importantly, she really gets what our people need! I cannot speak highly enough about Kerene and how well people have received My Off Switch at Z. Chris Eastham HSSE Health and Wellbeing Manager Z Energy Limited.

Kerene provided a creative and business outcome focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme. It included a face to face component, followed by short masterclasses over seven weeks. The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations. I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation, considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people. Learning and Development Professional from a Government Agency

I felt this course was really well put together, I would not hesitate to recommend it to others! Kate Stachurski CR Design and Strategy Execution Manager Z Energy Limited

In our fast-paced world, it’s nice to be able to hit the ‘reset’ button and bring our minds back down to earth. Kerene’s programme has enabled me to do just that, giving order and perspective to my entire life, not just at work. Paul F, Terminal Manager, Z Energy Limited

Taking Kerene’s course got me into action on something I’ve been meaning to explore for ages.  At work I feel more focussed, I’m calmer and able to deal with whatever comes up, and I’m sure I’m a nicer person to be around at home too. Barbara Hinkley, Fuels Product Manager, Z Energy Limited

Since taking part in the My Off Switch programme I feel I have been more focussed and productive. It’s given me some great tools to help me be present and feel happier and calmer. Diane Johnston, Solutions Specialist, Z Energy Limited

‘My Off Switch’ programme is the exact path to achieve better control over your thoughts, behaviour and life. Krina Vasa Z Supply Chain Logistics Lubricants Energy Limited

Anonymous participant feedback:

  • Great program, I have already presented this to my wider team and will try to enrol them sooner.
  • Thank you for a wonderful course – I have totally embraced it.
  • I really enjoyed the course and got what I was looking for out of it.
  • I find the course has helped me to really find that space for myself and put me on track to achieve my personal leadership plan.
  • Really great course, thanks so much!
  • I would really recommend this programme. Kerene really knew her stuff, and was a great presenter. I have felt calmer since starting the programme, and certain things have become much more apparent to me, especially how I am occurring to others, with wearing my busy badge of honour, and not being fully present.
  • I think mindfulness is a very important strategy for people to learn and apply both personally and professionally and would recommend this course to anyone!
  • Was incredibly valuable.
  • Overall course is great and has huge benefits to personal life also.
  • The weekly sessions brought it all together and I found the whole thing really effective.
  • I loved the programme – it felt like a real privilege to take part and I learnt a lot. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone – while I certainly haven’t ‘nailed’ practising mindfulness I can genuinely feel an impact on my level of calmness, the choices I make and how I react to things.
  • Love it. Worked for me thank you.
  • I found the programme fantastic.
  • Kerene is an incredible facilitator – she never missed a beat … could not recommend her more highly.
  • Kerene was a fantastic facilitator who was never judgmental or demanding and understood the workloads we were dealing with. I would highly recommend her courses to others and would happily take another with Kerene as facilitator.
  • This has been a most enjoyable learning experience and an asset to my daily living. Love it thank you.
  • Kerene was fantastic! I really enjoyed the in-person session. The course has encouraged both me and my wife to participate in other meditation classes. Well done and thanks!
  • I can once again provide very creative ideas to solve complex problems. I can find things easily again.


‘My Off Switch’ Mindful Leaders Programme

How to get out of your own way and be the leader you want to be.

Want to be a more courageous, trusted and authentic leader?

Does the idea of service leadership speak to you?

‘Mindful Leaders’ powerfully builds on the ‘My Off Switch’ 8 week group programme. It is delivered to leaders (either leadership teams or leaders across an organisation) and includes 3 individual coaching sessions to powerfully impact outcomes. It’s a game-changer!

Self-management and self-regulation are essential leadership qualities and vital precursors for self-transformation. Mindfulness explores who you are at a deep level by expanding your awareness.

It all begins with the relationship you have with yourself, because that relationship is reflected in all your other relationships.

Knowing how to manage your own mind enables you to be the best version of yourself and to support others to do the same.

Mindful Leaders make better decisions (they prioritise with more awareness); they know building relationships is primary (by listening and engaging authentically); they are resilient and resourceful; they proactively manage change and handle difficult situations (and people) courageously.

This programme explores the key qualities expected of leaders, and how to mindfully develop those qualities to take your leadership to an entirely new level.

Programme includes workbook, audios, My Off Switch App (currently iOS only) and 3 individual coaching sessions per participant.

Download My Off Switch My Off Switch Mindful Leader Programme.

Contact Kerene to discuss your particular needs.

Shorter Programmes

Offering a range of programmes to introduce people to mindfulness, including 1-day, 2-day or 3-hour workshops.

Download Flyer for My Off Switch 1-day workshop.

Download Flyer for My Off Switch 2-day Programme.

Download Flyer for My Off Switch 3-hour Workshop.

Contact Kerene if you’re interested in what mindfulness programmes can do for you, your business, or organisation.

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